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The Principles of Yoga

Yoga is a philosophy of life, dating back hundreds of years and was passed down from generation to generation. It is a guide to living in a healthy way, connected with oneself and the environment.

Through the combination of the five principles of yoga: proper physical exercise, proper breathing, proper relaxation, healthy vegetarian diet, positive thinking and meditation, we get our body, mind and spirit in balance.

Let us tell you a little more about each of these principles, so that we can introduce them to our lives and thereby enjoy a fuller and healthier life.

1. Proper exercise (Asanas)

The proper exercise is the practice of Asanas, of yoga positions.

It’s a kind of non-explosive exercise.

It helps increase the mobility of joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons and stimulates circulation.

By increasing the flexibility of our entire body including that of the spine, our body will be younger and healthier.

Because a flexible body is a healthy body.

In addition, asana practice initiates us into mind control. It helps us to have a more balanced mind.

2. Adequate breathing (Pranayamas)

Spending a few minutes a day on breathing exercises will markedly improve your health and that of your lungs.

Prana means Energy, so pranayama means energy control, breath control.

Pranayamas or breathing exercises connect the body with its battery, the solar plexus, in which huge reserves of energy are stored.

By spending time in a deep and conscious breathing we help our body to overcome high levels of stress or depression.

3. Adequate relaxation (Savasana)

During the day we do not stop to relax, but we fill our heads with more and more thoughts, our bodies of tension, stress, stress... thus gradually harming our health more and more.

Therefore the proper relaxation or Savasana is so important, leaving the body at rest for a few minutes helps to relieve stress, muscle tension, anxiety and in addition, helps to develop resistance to external factors.

4. Vegetarian diet

A healthy diet consists of a vegetarian diet, where all food that is ingested is alive and directly absorbs the energy of the sun, food with prana.

It is about taking foods that have a positive effect on our mind and body, in the same way that generate the least possible negative impact on the rest of living beings.

In this consists the yogic diet, in the elaboration of simple dishes, easy to digest, natural and healthy.

5. Positive thinking and meditation (Vedanta and Dhyana)

The last point and not the least important, positive thinking and meditation. We must keep them very much in mind during the day to day as both are the key to finding inner peace.

By controlling the mind and not letting it control us, negative thoughts dissolve and we achieve spiritual peace and a sense of inner bliss.

Through daily meditation and the application of positive thinking in our day we will have a healthier, calmer and clearer mind.

"Yoga teaches us a holistic approach as a path to physical, mental and spiritual health: the goal is a healthy body, a balanced mind and peace of mind.

Yoga helps calm and provides the inner strength needed to face the challenges of the hectic modern life" - Sivananda

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