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Chi Kung

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

As you know in La Casa de Piedra7 we do Qi-Gong lessons or as we call it, Chi Kung .

Qi is a Chinese character that means "flow of energy", kung means "work or technique", so Qi-gong is the work or technique to manage or guide your vital energy flow.

It is a practice focused on the maintenance of health, it helps us to be healthier inside and therefore also outside. In many places it is understood as a practice through which you can reach enlightenment.

The lessons that we teach in La Casa de Piedra7 are lessons thought and designed to ensure a development in Qi-Gong progressive.

Step by step you will be guided through the senses, you will feel, accumulate, direct and manage your Qi or vital energy.

You will practice without having to worry about memorizing specific movements, so that your mission is only to focus on your well-being.

Ideal for general and complete relaxation. You will do physical exercise while educating and controlling your breathing.

Being aware at all times of every movement, inhalation and exhalation.

From beginner to advanced level. For all kind of body and of course with other fisical and mental work, such as yoga, pilates, etc.

In the sessions you will learn Qi-Gong skills such as the following:

- You will feel the Qi (your energy flow)

- You will learn to regulate your breathing

- Calm the mind

- In more advanced levels you will learn how to transport the Qi

- ... and much more

If you want you can also enjoy private sessions so learn the traditional teachings of Qi-Gong, ask for more information at Learning a traditional Qi-Gong sequence will allow you to practice throughout all your life.

During the practice of a traditional sets you will develop the above skills.

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