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November calendar


Enjoy the feeling of gratitude

There are times when you spontaneously feel tremendous gratitude on the spot. These are the moments when you say to yourself, "This is wonderful!"

  • STOP.

  • Become aware of that feeling of true and genuine gratitude, and absorb it.

  • Let yourself be moved.

  • Enjoy it.

  • Celebrate your privileges as they happen.

Express gratitude

Expressing gratitude is more than just being courteous, displaying good manners, or being friendly. It has to do with showing your sincere appreciation. When you thank a person, you also practice the first of two skills related to gratitude: you have become aware of something good and you have truly appreciated it.

It's about feeling good and creating a virtuous circle.

We tell you EVERYTHING we have prepared for this special month:

We will have Retreats with experiences throughout the month, which will consist of 3 nights of accommodation and 3 yoga classes; all of them focused on a special activity.


November 7 to 10

3 nights

Half pension

3 yoga classes

D gong bath + full moon ritual

1 yoga nidra

Investment: €250 per person

🌙 Full Moon in Taurus Super Class🌙 —08.11.2022— 🙏🏽Last full moon yogi session of the year, and we say goodbye in a big way. The full Moon 🌕 in Taurus, in conjunction with Uranus, plus the presence of an eclipse on the same day, will cause this phenomenon to produce moments of intensity. 💫We celebrate this new moon in a Hatha Yoga class and ✨Gong Bath, on our Savasana terrace. 🙏🏽 Last yogi session of the season, and we say goodbye in a big way. This very full Moon in Taurus will help to be conscious in managing money and to play it safe, without wasting time deciding where and what to invest in:

👉🏾 When will the class be held? •November 8, Tuesday at 6:00 p.m.

👉🏾 Where? •In our Stone House 7.

👉🏾 What will it consist of? Hatha yoga class taught by @inmamercant

✨ Gong Bath, will guide us on a spiritual journey of meditation and sound @proyecto_vibra

🕢 It will last approximately 2 hours.

👉🏾All levels are welcome.

🌷Investment: €20


November 11 to 13

3 nights

Half pension

3 yoga classes

2 surfing


Investment: €290 per person

A weekend where we will enjoy the sea and a Kirtan experience, so you can enjoy a guided meditation with music and the sound of the waves, from our terrace facing the sea.


November 14 to 17

3 nights

Half pension

3 yoga classes

2 yoga nidra

Art therapy workshop

Investment: €250 per person

If your thing is expression through art or you have always wanted to immerse yourself in the artistic world, this is your opportunity to enjoy a few days of pure inspiration. You will connect with your artistic and creative dimension to unleash unsuspected potential.


If there is any experience that you cannot miss, it is this one; last experience of this season, where we will enjoy the essence of La Casa de Piedra 7. If you have always had the "must to", do not miss this opportunity to enjoy what this project means to us, in this experience you will enjoy yoga , of the vibe, of a unique and special ritual and also, many surprises...let yourself be enveloped by the magic of the house.

November 21 to 24

3 nights

Half pension

3 yoga classes (1 of the classes with live music)

2 yoga nidra

New moon ritual (we will create our own vision map collage)

+ Many surprises

Investment: €300 per person

Pausing to give thanks before any act is a simple habit that helps us become aware of the privilege and value it.

Once you become aware of the privileges of everyday life, the next step is to enjoy them.

See you during this beautiful month on the mat.


Reserve your place, write to us at: or send us a whatsapp: +34 650 813 438.

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