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Karma Yoga

Karma yoga is one of the four paths of yoga. Karma means action.

It is the path of action. It is to carry out actions without expecting anything in return.

It is the most suitable path for those with an active temperament, for visceral people, expressive, full of vitality and with the need to express and act.

The realization of selfless actions, without expecting any reward, purifies the heart and reduces the ego.

Karma yoga is the best way to prepare for meditation.

The intention of this type of yoga is to carry out actions without attachment or rejection of the outcome of these. Actions that serve the greater good.

Through actions we learn to be in harmony with ourselves, we achieve a higher state of well-being, harmony, grace and connection with ourselves and with everything else.

We act without getting involved in the results, without expecting anything in return for the action and learn to act without being under the control of our ego.

Karma yoga helps us to mind control, to our stability, to stay firm and serene in our center regardless of the ups and downs of life. We stop reacting to life, but we act with conscience, without reacting with anger, hatred, revenge, jealousy, ...

We become watchers of our mind and stop being slaves to our ego.

It consists in opening our heart and flowing with life.

- Give the maximum: Whatever you do being in the present moment and give the maximum of you. Stick to what you do.

- Treat others as you would like to be treated: Take care of people, treat them with affection and kindness.

- Take advantage to learn: Remember that everything you do teaches you something. Each action is an opportunity to advance, progress and grow.

- Forget the past and the future: Just stay in the Now, in the present.

- Acts from the stillness: Carries out actions from calm and stillness, leaves agitation and nervousness aside.

- Put aside attachment to both the good and the bad: Don’t stick to what they say about you, whatever it is, flattery or insults.

Enjoy the process, help, feel, live, meditate!

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